I am a curious person and I enjoy art, craft, science and creativity. Of all my personality traits, my curiosity has had the most significant impact on me. It allows me to go beyond any rules and create anything that I can imagine. Furthermore, when my creations are useful for the people around me, it motivates me.

My inquisitiveness drives me to question mundane observations, fully engage in discussions and reconcile my theoretical knowledge with my surroundings. When I first started studying advanced sciences, I couldn’t understand light interference, exchange of ions and other phenomenons simply because I couldn’t believe they were happening. Instead of staying in disbelief, my inquisitiveness motivated me to utilize a new technique to comprehend the incomprehensible: experimenting. I would test all the concepts I can at home. Whenever I noticed any strange observation, such as the unexpected reaction of two salts, I would start exploring a new topic. Thus, I enhanced as well as broadened my knowledge. Furthermore, I could more effectively help my friends, because I had developed practical, logical and analytical approaches to problem solving. Once I taught them derivatives by plotting -current through solar cell-against-distance from light source- and analyzing the graph. They were amazed by the simplicity of complex formulae.