The instability of inverted pendulum systems has always been an excellent test bed for control theory experimentation. This "Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Robot" project undertook the construction and demonstration of a two-wheeled robot that is capable of balancing itself.

I was the project leader. Our objective was to understand the issues of self-stabilization, to design a complete discrete digital control system that provides stability, and to develop and demonstrate the techniques involved in balancing an unstable robotic platform on two wheels.

Mechanical Parts:

1 x Bread Board

2 × Stepper Motor

2 × Wheel

Electronic Modules:

1 × Arduino UNO

1 × Motor Driver L298N

1 × MPU6050 (MEMS accelerometer + gyro)

1 × 1.5-12V Battery Eliminator

1 × 5V Power Supply

During this project, we learned Mechatronics, Dynamics and Control Theory to create a robot which helped us understand the classic case of an unstable mechanical control problem of an inverted pendulum while simultaneously investigate the suitability and examine the performance of linear control systems.

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Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Robot


Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements

of the degree of

Bachelor of Technology


Submitted by:

Manu Khandelwal 113129

  1. Abhishikth 113126

Naresh Jamnani 113118



Prof. L. Krishnanand